NSS 2014: get ready!

you guys -- the national stationery show is right around the corner! from may 18th till the 21st, the javitz convention center in NYC will be filled to the brim with all the incredible papery delights you can imagine. rows and rows of booths from stationery studios big and small, all showing off their latest and greatest products. it's a stationery-lover's paradise.

i attended NSS in 2012 (i even spoke on a panel with a few other bloggers) and it was awesome. if you're going for the first time this year, here are a couple of past posts that might be helpful:

and, in the meantime, i'll be posting previews all next week of some of my favorite stationery studios and what they've got up their sleeves for 2014. if you're going to the show, i hope you'll be sure to stop by their booths -- and if you're staying home, you'll get a great taste of what's on display! think of it as a virtual NSS tour without having to pay for airfare to new york. :) 

also, be sure to keep up with all the official NSS news by following the national stationery show on twitter, facebook and instagram

see you  next week for lots of stationery goodness!

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