seattle bloggers unite: summer LETTERPRESS meetup

guys, it was so crazy around here the past little while with NSS that i forgot to tell you about another project i'm working on -- the summer meetup for seattle bloggers unite!

(awesome invitation is by aly weir.)

the summer meetup for SBU is going to be a hands-on letterpress workshop at the farewell paperie studio here in seattle. i've wanted to do something like this for a looooong time and i'm SO EXCITED it's finally happening! DRY soda is helping us put the whole thing together, which i think is fabulous since their bubbly, natural drinks are so perfect for warm summer nights, and i can't wait to hang with my fellow bloggers while we learn such a fun craft. we've also got amazing swag bags for everyone and a few other surprises in the works -- it's going to be a blast.

there are only a couple tickets left as of now, so if you're in the area (or will be in july) -- click here to snag yours today. or, head over to the brand new seattle bloggers unite website for even more info. :) hooray for blogging, for giving us a reason to do fun stuff like this -- and hooray for stationery!

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