digital vs. paper invitations

editor's note: i'm so thrilled to have a special guest contributing today's post! meet leslie from creations by leslie, a former radio city rockette (!) who runs an online custom invitation shop. today, she's reminding us why paper-and-ink invitations are still so important even in our digital age -- something she knows a thing or two about, since she spends her days designing the most darling invitations for weddings, birthdays, baby showers and more. take it away, leslie: 

In today's society, we live in a world of daily tweets, texts, social media updates and endless e-mails. It has become a generation of digital communication. These digital channels have become our primary methods of sharing information among family, friends and business associates.

However, if you are a stationery junkie like me, then you will be happy to hear that the demand to purchase physical cards is higher now than ever before! And why is that? No tweet, text, or e-mail can replace the sense of importance as a hand written note or a custom printed invitation received in the mail.

invitation credits: bonnie marcus collection / bella ink designs

When you send out invitations through e-mail or through social media, you will find that guests tend to not obligate to an RSVP. After all, digital communication brings forth a casual, nonchalant nature. Recipients of digital cards may feel that they are just another 'friend' on Facebook or another e-mail address uploaded into Evite.

But, when guests receive paper and ink invitations in the mail, the recipient knows that he or she has been thought of and valued. The invitation can be posted on the refrigerator, where it can be admired, and act as a constant reminder of something to look forward to.

So despite this day and age of digital technology, e-mails and social media channels have not become worthy substitutes of paper and ink cards. On the contrary, receiving a hand written note or a custom printed invitation in the mail has become more significant now than ever before!

About the author:

Leslie is the owner and founder of Creations by Leslie. A former Radio City Rockette, Leslie traded in her tap shoes for motherhood. While raising two beautiful boys, her passion for paper and her knowledge of retail has brought forth an online store that sells custom printed invitations since 1999!

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