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i'm so excited for today's bonus post -- welcome, this is my stop on the my writing process blog tour! it's a way for you to get to know other bloggers (and to introduce you to some of my favorites), and i get to tell you a little more about what my life is like behind the scenes at the stationery place.

my friend rose from our lady of second helpings (is that not the best blog title ever?) invited me to participate -- i met rose through our seattle bloggers unite meetup group, and we bonded over various in-person events around the city and the fact that we both have two boys about the same ages. rose's blog is a delightful collection of gorgeous photos and text, simple healthy recipes and inspiration for living a balanced lifestyle. rose knows what she's talking about too -- she has lost 145+ pounds since 2008 and kept it off, even through having two babies! she's super nice in real life and i'm so glad i know her -- and, i'm glad i read her blog, because meals like her creamy chicken basil pasta have made it onto my meal planning chart. ;) here's rose's beautifully penned writing process post -- she's such a great writer.

anyway, here's a peek inside my writing process:

1. what am i working on?
right now i've got a million ideas and no time to write them up! i've been blogging here at the stationery place since 2009, back when i worked full time in PR and used this space as a creative outlet to document my stationery obsession in my free time. five years later, i'm a stay-at-home mom with two anti-napping active little boys, and i find my "free time" to be incredibly sparse. between my work with seattle bloggers unite, my PR consulting business, volunteer work with my church, and finding time to do things like spend time with my husband or go for a run -- this poor little blog gets neglected much more than i'd like. however, i do still try to get over here as much as i can to highlight some of the amazing designers and small business owners in the stationery world, and i really love doing my small part to keep the love of snail mail alive.

2. how does my work differ from others of its genre?
i like to think my blog showcases stationery for real life. i focus on affordable, high quality products that add a little extra pizzazz to your life (why send a boring white note card when you can send a neon pink chevron one?) -- and i try to only include the best of the best, instead of an overwhelming overload of products. i also like to share kid-friendly paper crafts and fun bits of our life here in seattle in hopes that other moms can get new ideas.

3. why do i write what i do?
as mentioned, when i started this blog it was really just a fun outlet for me to share pretty paper. over the years, this motive has transitioned a bit as i've become more passionate about the paper industry overall. from meeting with designers at the national stationery show to creating card drives to mobilizing hundreds of people worldwide to send snail mail, i am so in love with the impact a handwritten note can make on another person. in our ever-digitized world, i'm proud to be able to have this tiny little platform to remind people how good it feels to send (or receive!) a pretty piece of mail.

4. how does my writing process work?
i pull ideas for posts from browsing etsy or pinterest, receiving emails from designers, reading magazines, visiting stationery shops -- just about anywhere. i star emails in my inbox or write short notes in my planner or phone, and when i grab a few minutes to blog (usually at the end of the day after my kids are in bed and my house is cleaned up) i pick an idea that jumps at me from the list and write it up.


i invited three of my favorite people to share their writing process.

first up is caryn payzant, writer at the mid-life guru -- where she documents ways to make the most of life after 50 through travel, continued education, spending time with family and advice from inspirational peers. caryn lives in southern california and when she's not blogging, she's a high school substitute teacher, a member of the local school board and a social media consultant. she also happens to be my mom and my best friend. :)

aimee error is the creative master behind the elephant of surprise, a blog full of seriously adorable (but not overly intimidating) DIY projects -- i copy just about every single things she makes, usually while asking myself "why didn't i think of that?!" aimee lives in utah and is a mama to two sweet little boys (and a baby girl on the way!) with a husband in dental school. i met her in college and we've been tight ever since -- she's one of my most talented and creative friends.

and finally, paige evans is a blogger, scrapbooker, book maker and crafter extraordinaire currently living in germany -- she and her cute little family tour all over europe, be sure to check out her travel posts because they're more educational (and better photographed!) than any guidebook. her blog is a fabulous collection of her various creative endeavors, beautiful photos, adorable kids and life as an ex-pat. i met paige when we both worked at american crafts, and since then she and i have lived in the same neighborhood in three different states, but never at the same time. random, i know.

check in on those three blogs next monday for the next stop on the writing process blog tour!

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