NSS 2014: trend report

the national stationery show is over for this year, but i had a special on-the-scene reporter there to let me know everything that was going on. designer sandra picco was my eyes and ears for this year's show, and i'd love to share her insights with you. here's a peek at the best and brightest from NSS 2014:

sandra told me: Gold foil anything continues to be a hot trend in the stationery world. From cards to prints to wrapping paper, it shone everywhere. Watercolor! Both bold and subtle, this trend is NOT slowing down any time soon. Hand-lettering also continues to be incredibly popular. Ladyfingers Letterpress did a daily hand-lettering demo and some lucky attendees got their name drawn as a souvenir. Lots of vendors did interactive booths this year as well, which seemed to be a great way to get folks interested in their merchandise.

i love this one: the social type featured fresh and fun matchboxes with bold typography, bright colors and gold foil -- i'd be obsessed if someone gave me one of these. the matches inside even come in different colors to match the box!

photo credit: sandra picco

katharine watson had a beautiful booth full of her block printed cards -- something you don't see a lot of these days in a sea of letterpress and foil. inspired by folk art and textiles, katharine cuts each and every linoleum block by hand and THEN gets to work printing cards, calendars and other stationery. depending on the design, the complexity and the size, carving each block takes a minimum of 5 hours. wow!

photo credit: yolanda chendak

little low studio was an NSS first-timer, with a delightful booth full of fun decor in addition to cards and illustrations that are so whimsical and fun, you can't help but smile while looking around. sandra wrote, "My favorite item in her booth was a birch wood box filled with a few of her favorite things: a Le Pen, a mechanical pencil, a roll of washi tape and a calligraphy pen and nib. Did I mention the box has one of her illustrations carved in it?? So fun!" caitlin's work is also available via Etsy Wholesale, which also made it's debut at the show this year.

photo credit: yolanda chendak

wild ink press showed off some pretty wrapping paper patterns and lots of new cards. they won a LOUIE award this year for their tie card, too cute.

photo credit: wild ink press / sandra picco

meg from moglea was there again (remember when i saw her very first booth?) with a booth that seemed to double in size from years previous -- and handed out these fabulous business cards which, much like her collection, incorporate some of this year's hot trends: each card was dip dyed in pastel color, foil stamped (in gold!) with her logo on a super thick cotton stock. in sandra's words: "Drool. Swoon. Repeat. Nicely done, Meg!" i love it.

photo credit: yolanda chendak

and last but not least, my friends at farewell paperie were there with their turquoise booth to showcase their new wrapping paper, foil-stamped napkins, baby milestone markers and more.

photo credit: sandra picco

HUGE thank you to sandra picco (and additional photographer yolanda chendak) for this recap of NSS. so much paper goodness, i'm loving it!

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